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Our guitar for beginners courses are easy to understand, fun and get you playing guitar right away. Best of all, Bobbi’s Guitar Lessons are free. Let’s not watch some stale videos and try to learn Mary Had A Little Lamb, Bobbi’s courses are designed so that you get one on one attention from the instructor during office hours. Just sign up with Google Hangout, make an appointment, and for a small fee, Bobbi can work with you personally to reach your guitar playing goals. This allows better one on one instruction so that you stay motivated, focused and keep having fun. We’re all out of the closet here, why not bring your guitar out of the closet too.

We offer:
  1. Guitar for beginners.
  2. Instructor-led courses.
  3. Office hours where you can talk to the instructor.
  4. Get feedback on your playing.
  5. Download course materials so you can practice offline.
  6. We’ll get you on a practice schedule to help you meet your guitar playing goals.
  7. Interact with other students.
  8. Find other players to play with. It’s more fun when you can play with other musicians. Check out our forum and find other players in your area.

Bonus Material

We offer a plethora of videos to get you playing songs right away. From the simple beginner styles of playing a song to more advanced techniques of playing. Or just play along with our videos for fun. We update our songs list as often as possible so keep us bookmarked for new material. We are constantly working to add new material so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and you can keep update date with new lessons, courses, and other material.

Start at the beginning or jump in on different topics that interest you. 

Bobbi’s Guitar Lessons A free and solid way to learn to play the guitar.


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Excellent Instructor Lead Courses

We want you to be successful and meet your guitar goals.

Our guitar for beginners courses is not just about watching video on how to play guitar. All of our courses are taught by real people who will answer your questions and give you feedback when you need it. It’s easy to stay motivated when you learn how to play guitar with real people who care about your success.


Premium free courses to get you playing guitar.

My dad gave me his old guitar and it’s been sitting in the closet for years. When I decided to try to learn I came across Bobbi’s Guitar Lessons and thought I would give it a try. I mean free guitar lessons so what did I have to lose? Well, I was not disappointed, Bobbi had me playing some classic rock songs in just a few lessons, and I’m getting better every day. I really like that I can ask questions about the lessons and that Bobbi is available for video conferencing so I can have one on one time with a real instructor.


I have always wanted to learn to play guitar, then I stumbled upon Bobbi’s How to Buy Your First Guitar free course and I decided maybe it was time. However, I kept wondering, which guitar should I buy? This course really helped me to know what to look for when choosing a guitar. I was even able to download a checklist of items I should look at when choosing a guitar. I ended up with a great guitar that is fun to play and I thank Bobbi for all her great advice. Thanks, Bobbi! Now on to the FREE lessons!


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